Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Targeted Media and Audience Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Targeted Media and Audience - Essay Example It will contain information that is relevant to the press release’s content such as the five W’s (where, who, why, what, when). This paragraph will simply summarize the press release, and provide a hook that appeal to the audience. Body This part will expand on the hook provided in the lead paragraph. It will employ inverted pyramid strategy where the most relevant information and quotes will be provided in the first paragraphs, and less weighty quotes provided in the subsequent paragraphs (American Institute of Architects, 2008 p56). Company Boilerplate This paragraph will provide brief information about Le Tour de Sandwich, including its activities, short history, products and services. Contact Information Name, Title, Phone, Email. Targeted Media and Audience Targeted Media and Audience The targeted audience for the bicycle tour ranges from ages 10 to 80 years. This means that the market is quite large and a detailed press release is required when targeting these cus tomers. It is necessary to prioritize enthusiastic riders more than any other group because they already have more than two rides, and the likelihood that they will register to participate, in the cycling tour, is high (Guffey, 2007 p83). Pro Tour Riders also set the pace for participants who will prefer riding at some considerable speeds. The other major groups to target are teenagers and the old people. Most of the old people will register and join other riders with the aim of exercising and keeping fit. (Stanton, 2007 p122). It is, therefore, apparent that they will turn out, in large numbers, more than other age groups, and register with British Cycling Association. Teenagers, by being the most active group, will highly be willing to participate, in this event. Therefore, it is important to include activities and refreshments they like, during the cycling event (Stanton, 2007 p123). Other people usually prefer participating, in the cycling event as groups. It is, therefore, nece ssary to mention, in the press release that groups such as schools, church organizations, clubs, and other cycling groups are highly considered, in this event. They can come with their own rides, or they can use the event’s rides. Additionally, there are a number of activities that they can participate in (Heath, 2004 p75). Le Tour de Sandwich press release will target a number of media houses both in and outside France. We will primarily target media stations and individual journalists, editor in chiefs, editors, editorial assistants, staff writers, cycling correspondents, bloggers,

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